Landscaping & Snow Removal

Mitigate risks associated with property damage, injuries, and weather-related disruptions by choosing insurance coverage specifically designed for your landscaping or snow removal businesses.

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Industry Insight

The landscaping and snow removal industry is often plagued by inherent risks, which could lead to potential liabilities such as property damage, injuries, and accidents. Snow removal companies also encounter risks like slip-and-fall incidents and damage to vehicles or property.

Landscaping & Snow Removal

High Risk

Landscaping work involves operating heavy machinery, working at heights, and handling hazardous chemicals, which increases the risk of accidents and injuries.

Seasonal Business

Many landscaping businesses operate seasonally, which can make it more challenging to secure insurance coverage throughout the year.

Lack of Experience

Newer landscaping businesses may have limited experience and a lack of claims history, which can make it more difficult to obtain insurance coverage.

Liability Risks

Landscaping businesses may face liability risks related to property damage, third-party injuries, or other accidents that occur on job sites.

Property & Equipment Damage

Landscaping equipment can be expensive, and damage to vehicles or equipment can be costly to repair or replace.

Employee Injuries

Landscaping work can be physically demanding, and injuries to employees can be costly in terms of medical expenses and lost productivity.

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