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Life is unpredictable, however, there are opportunities for you to protect your family and your assets in Ontario.

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Life Insurance

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We understand that life insurance is overwhelming to consider and discuss but it’s essential to have it to support your loved ones when you pass away. Review your options early and often to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your livelihood.

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Comprehensive Protection for your Lifestyle

While some may deem it as unnecessary or expensive, it’s important to have life insurance if you have a family that is financially dependent on you (a spouse or children), are a business owner, or have a mortgage. There are two main types of life insurance.

  • Term Insurance

    Term insurance provides coverage for a set amount of time and covers temporary financial needs such as debt repayment, education fees for your children, or mortgage protection.

  • Permanent Insurance

    Permanent insurance, as the name suggests, protects you for the rest of your life with consistent premiums.

Combine your Personal, Commercial & Financial Services products

Whether you’re looking for insurance or financial services, The Shepherd Group’s trusted brokers and financial service specialists are here to protect your future today, with a comprehensive and coordinated approach to insurance for your personal, business, and financial service needs.