Product Liability Insurance

We understand that no matter how meticulously you design and manufacture your products, unforeseen issues can arise, posing significant financial threats to your company.

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Product Liability Insurance

Do not let the unforeseeable future pose threats to your business.

Neglecting Product Liability Insurance exposes your business to the danger of costly lawsuits, legal expenses, and damages stemming from defective products.

Financial Losses

If one of your products causes harm or injury to a consumer, your company may be held responsible for medical expenses, legal fees, and potential settlements or judgments.

Legal Expenses

Defending against product liability claims can be an expensive and complex legal process.

Reputational Damage

Product defects or failures that result in injuries or damages can harm your company’s reputation.

Count on us to provide you with holistic insurance coverage to protect your business.

Protecting Futures Today™

With our insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your business is shielded from product-related risks.

  • General Liability Coverage

    Protection against claims for bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury arising from business operations.

  • Legal Expenses Coverage

    Business liability insurance covers the costs of legal representation and defense when facing legal action due to employee negligence. 

  • Medical Expenses Coverage

    When your company is accused of posing bodily injury or harm to a third party, liability insurance covers the associated medical expenses, such as medical treatments, hospital bills, and rehabilitation costs.

  • Settlement and Judgment Costs Coverage

    In the event that your company is found liable for damages caused by employee negligence, the insurance policy helps cover the financial obligations, such as settlement agreements or court-awarded compensation.

Combine your Personal, Commercial & Financial Services products

Whether you’re looking for insurance or financial services, The Shepherd Group’s trusted brokers and financial service specialists are here to protect your future today, with a comprehensive and coordinated approach to insurance for your personal, business, and financial service needs.