Cyber Liability Insurance

In today’s ever-evolving digital world, security breaches are a part of doing business. Having a cybersecurity insurance policy gives you peace of mind if and when your technology systems are compromised.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

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In the event of a cyberattack, such as a ransomware attack or customer data breach, cyber liability insurance covers the costs associated with the cybercrime. You can be held liable for the incident besides having to take care of the recovery costs. Understanding the full scope of cyber risks is a large part of doing business in today’s technology-dependent world.

It's "When", Not "If

As more of our business world moves online, the challenges for business owners to protect themselves from cyber-attacks increase. Cybersecurity risks are part of doing business.

The Risks You Face

Risks can include the release of sensitive customer information (as simple as a name, address, and date of birth or credit card details); company systems being taken over by bad actors; and stolen financial or medical records.

Why You Need It

When a cybersecurity breach happens, the right insurance coverage will get you through the uncertainty by helping with regulatory defence costs, fines and penalties, consumer redress funds

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