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To claim or not to claim?

Severe weather, storms and other natural catastrophes are becoming more frequent and more destructive. Losses from natural catastrophes are growing.

Client success story: loyalty

With so much choice on the market, customer loyalty may occur as old fashioned. Loyalty can both help and hinder customers. Read on to find out more. (more…)

3 things you didn’t know your property insurance covered

Insurance polices can be daunting – people often only refer to their coverage when there’s an accident or when personal property is stolen. Here are three common things that many people may not realize they...

Brokers vs. Agents: The Ultimate Insurance Question

With the overwhelming amount of insurance options that our at our disposable, be it with products or providers, it’s hard to know whether you are making the “right” decision when purchasing insurance. Let me help...

How to prevent sewer back ups and basement flooding

We are in a day and age where we are getting more sewer backup and basement flood losses.  No one wants damage in their basement, especially sewer water. Not only can it wreak chaos on...

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