4 Things You Should Know About ATV Insurance

Insurance Insights | August 17, 2015

4 Things You Should Know About ATV Insurance

Although ATV’s are considered a fun toy to enjoy over the weekend, many riders are unaware of the risks they face if they are operating one without insurance. Here are four questions to consider before taking your ATV out for a ride.

  1. 1. Does it matter where I drive my ATV? A common misconception is that riding on unmarked trails or unchartered land doesn’t require insurance. However as soon as you leave your private property you are by law required to have some form of other vehicle insurance.


  1. 2. What if my friend is operating my ATV and gets in an accident? In the event your friend gets in an accident involving another person the ATV owner is liable, and if you’re not insured you will be accountable for any medical or legal bills.


  1. 3. What will ATV insurance cover? ATV insurance works in a similar way to car insurance. It protects you, your ATV and third parties in the event of an accident.


  1. 4. Are there any laws or restrictions that affect me? Off-road riding has different laws then on-road riding. These differences affect your insurance coverage. Click here for all Ontario rules and regulations.