Are You Life Insurance Prepared? How To Get Started

Insurance Insights | January 30, 2011

Are You Life Insurance Prepared? How To Get Started

Here’s a subject that might appear a little maudlin,  but it’s extremely important.In the event of a severe accident or your passing or death, do your loved ones know how to obtain your important documents such as your financial information, your will and testament, birth certificates (other forms of identification) and life insurance policies?One must keep an important folder that doesn’t have the documents in it but let’s them know where to find them.

Getting Started

List all documents, accounts, phone numbers with contact persons that you have decided is vital for  you or any other important family member (partner, minors, other relatives or elderly parents that you care for and may be responsible).

Having the Conversation

Once you get your file folder in place, talk to your family let them know and keep them in the know.  They too should participate in helping to keep your file folder up to date.  Your family and executor should know exactly where to find it.When it comes to your life, you shouldn’t risk taking a gamble, make sure you have all your insurance policies in order; that’s including your home insurance, auto and/or RV insurance, etc. Keep yourself covered, cause you never know what life can throw at you.