Customer profile: Copperhead Mechanical

Insurance Insights | July 11, 2018

Customer profile: Copperhead Mechanical


In a previous post, you met Adrian from Copperhead. You found out about his business’ robust group benefits plan. Today, we thought we would do a deep dive on what the plan really means from Adrian’s perspective.

“A big part of it was employee retention,” says Adrian. “There is a lot of competition out there for the kind of employees we’re looking for.” A benefits package makes Adrian’s business that much more attractive.

In a time when employees are looking for engagement beyond a mere paycheck, Adrian has noticed candidates are increasingly asking about benefits. Since then, the plan has impacted recruitment in the right way: it is bringing in people who are more focused.

Adrian welcomes this change, saying focused people are committed. “If you’re happy and satisfied where you work, there is less incentive for you to go looking around for other work if you get a decent salary and a decent benefits package that supports you and your family,” he adds.

Taking care of his employees creates value for his customers. Employees can see their company cares about them and treat customers the same way. “I think the employees are here because of everything that goes with it [the job]. It’s not just the benefit package, it’s with how we treat them. And that transfers to how they treat the customers.”

Adrian recognizes this impact and that the benefits plan provides value beyond dollars and cents. “Sure, if you look hard enough, you can find a place that pays more. But it may not be the right fit.”

And it’s working: the average tenure at Adrian’s business is 10 years. “We’re more like family than the formal employee-employer relationship,” explains Adrian. “To retain someone that long, it’s not the money. It’s how you treat them. The kind of environment they come in.”

What do Adrian’s employees have access to through their plan? Some of them have children with medical needs requiring expensive medication. Adrian’s plan helps them cover the costs. This has had a tremendous impact on their lives: they have peace of mind because their families are protected.

Adrian remembers a time when business was slow and he was considering cutting the plan to save costs. Feedback from his employees led him to maintain the plan. “The employees said the plan was important to them and I may lose them if I cut the plan.”

If your business can afford a benefits package, it should be among your top priorities, states Adrian. “The cost of healthcare is not what it was 20 years ago. It’s very expensive. These days, when we interview, there is a lot more interest in what benefit package is available. I would say it’s a must.”