Cyber risk is the new fire

Insurance Insights | April 21, 2021

Cyber risk is the new fire


Everyone and everything is getting hacked these days to the point where we refer to cyber risk as the “new fire.” These days, we don’t have to look far to find hacking and cyber breaches.

Cyber Hacks Becoming The Norm

These stories are now close to home. In fact, one of our own team members was hacked. Hackers breached her computer, stealing photos and holding them ransom for $350. Fortunately, they did not compromise any of her banking or personal information. Less fortunately, the antivirus she had installed on her computer did not prevent the hackers from accessing her computer.

With breaches getting more frequent, we thought we make a quick guide to cybersecurity for you. Here are some do’s and don’ts to protect yourself from hackers.


1. Use secure passwords with a combination of letters and symbols.

2. Create different passwords for each of your online accounts.

3. Install a proven firewall.


1. Do not insert unknown devices, USB drives and CDs into your computer.

2. Do not open unknown links or pick up phone calls from private or unknown numbers.

3. Change your passwords regularly.

The Cost of Getting Hacked

Our colleague ended up paying $200 to have a specialist remove the ransomware from her computer. Interestingly, as she was telling the rest of us her story, she recalled that she actually had a cyber insurance policy at the time she was hacked. However, at the time, she did remember it and didn’t get a chance to check what kind of coverage it provided.

With all of that in mind, we recommend cyber coverage to everyone – that’s the nature of the beast these days – and make sure you know what your policy includes.

Your broker can help determine your cyber risks and find the right product for you. If you already have cyber insurance of one form or another, ask your broker to do a policy review to find out exactly what it covers before it’s too late.