Goals and stretch goals

Insurance Insights | July 6, 2018

Goals and stretch goals


We have been talking a lot about goals lately. So why stop now? Let’s keep going. Today we’ll discuss stretch goals.

What is a stretch goal? Typically, people see stretch goals as something pie in the sky which results in them not committing fully to the goal. This way of thinking is a major obstacle to creating big, exciting and inspiring goals.

People are often reluctant to commit to big goals because that involves putting themselves out there. It means risking themselves and possibly looking bad. There is a tendency to meet goals right on the nose instead of overachieving.

For example, a salesperson may commit to 50 calls per day and perform exactly 50 calls. It’s a good starting point, but doesn’t say “big game.” To play a big game, adopt stretch goals. That way, falling short, you will still be contributing appropriately toward your goals.

For example, if your goal is 10, it should probably be 15 in order to just meet the 10. This is your buffer, so to speak. That makes the stretch goal something like 18 or 20. Right now what you think is your stretch goal is actually the minimum you need to hit.

When setting goals and targets, resist the urge to low ball. Low balling is the mark of someone afraid to play a big game. Set big goals for yourself even if you’re unsure how you will reach them. Setting big goals primes you for action. You’re more likely to act with urgency and get in action if a big goal is bearing down on you.

Goal setting distinguishes high performers from everyone else. Once you do set the right goals and stretch goals, you will experience the compound interest effect. Faced with challenges, you will exceed expectations and attract more opportunities toward yourself. Your confidence will increase as you continue proving to yourself that you’re capable of unrivaled performance.

In order to set high goals, you must also have a “why?” A passion in other words and a long term vision for your life. What are you playing for?