Passion and leadership in the workplace

Insurance Insights | July 13, 2018

Passion and leadership in the workplace


When it comes to awards and industry recognition, business owners are under the impression that their organization must be a multibillion operation in order to qualify. But that is not the case.

What matters is the quality contained inside. Internal culture is one of the main factors driving recognition. Large organizations may be at a disadvantage here because implementing an innovative culture can be difficult within the confines of an established brand that is less agile than smaller firms.

That being said, a strong workplace culture doesn’t arise overnight. It takes a consistent effort over many years to create the kind of capacity we’re talking about. One of the ways in which we are positioning ourselves for success is through education and coaching. We call it education, TSG style. It includes acquiring direct work related knowledge as well as developing life skills.

Our culture gives our team members access to powerful tools to get their juices flowing, their minds clear, sharp and focused and their lives in order. The possibility is for our team members to become independent, dynamic and self generating. Being self generating means we take initiative to get things done and meet life’s challenges head on.

It also helps us avoid the excessive layers of bureaucracy that plague larger organizations wherein many lawyers of administration have to monitor the staff. Our team members are driving things themselves without needing someone hovering over their shoulder.

Apart from transforming each of our team members into powerful leaders, we are committed to recruiting and retaining the best people out there. One of our internal goals includes reducing turnover to five percent.

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