Stressed customers: client success story

Insurance Insights | December 6, 2017

Stressed customers: client success story

Stressed customers usually aren’t thinking about insurance. Vanessa is one of our customers and she was going through a divorce. Insurance was the last thing on her mind.She insures her house with TSG. Now, she is moving out to an apartment. One of the conditions on her lease is to have tenants insurance. However, with everything else going on in her life, she hadn’t yet secured confirmation of insurance.She contacted us on Friday at 6 p.m. in a real bind. Her move in date was on Sunday, but securing coverage on such short notice can be a major challenge, and especially critical for her because she would have nowhere to stay without it.Brokers and insurance companies normally do not issue confirmations of insurance until they have all of the documents in hand and signed. Given Vanessa’s exceptional circumstances and our existing relationship, we made an exception by issuing the confirmation by Friday evening and following up with Vanessa on Monday.

Everything worked out in the end

We confirmed all the details on Monday as Vanessa continued to move her belongings and make other arrangements related to the transition.She was appreciative that we were responsive to her urgent needs, acknowledging that she had one less thing on her plate that hellish weekend.

Be proactive

Vanessa’s situation reminded us of the importance of being proactive. We realized that we must be flexible in order to serve stressed customers dealing with major changes in their lives.If you’re anticipating changes in your life, speak with your broker. You need to understand how your insurance needs may change and what to do next.Divorce, for instance, will see people moving apart and dividing assets between each other. Dividing assets changes the way they are assessed, rated and insured. Your rates may change and you may need to submit additional information or documents to your insurance company.Contact us today if you’re ready to get proactive in your life and business.