Summer travel tips

Insurance Insights | June 21, 2018

Summer travel tips


Summer is underway and countless Canadians will be travelling.

Vacations require a major time and money commitment and the torturous preparations begin months in advance. But once all the hassle is dealt with, families expect to enjoy their vacations — and maybe push outside their comfort zone to try something new.

Indeed, many try their hand at extreme and adventure sports like rock climbing, scuba diving, base jumping and hang gliding. To ensure their safety, Canadians sign up for travel policies. However, the more adventurous you get, the more your coverage is impacted.

For instance, most travel policies do not cover injuries sustained during extreme sports. Read on to find The Shepherd Group’s top insurance tips to get the most out of your travel insurance if you’re going on vacation this summer.

1. Decide beforehand if you’re going to do extreme sports. If you are, get a travel policy that will cover any injuries sustained doing those sports because your normal policy will not. Otherwise, consider avoiding high risk activities that put you at risk of injury during your vacation.

2. Plan for trip interruption. Make sure unforeseen incidents at home do not wreck your finances. For example, some policies cover costs if you’re forced to book an early flight home to visit someone who’s fallen ill or gotten injured in your absence. This is known as a trip interruption and it’s not the same as a trip cancellation.

3. Check for travel advisories. The government of Canada posts warnings and advice about potential risks to your health, safety and well-being. Travelling to countries on the list may void your policy. You can find travel advisories on the government’s website at:

4. Disclosure is the best policy. To avoid the figurative pain of your insurance not covering your literal pain, don’t be afraid to tell your insurance broker that you’re considering certain sports. Being open helps your broker thoroughly analyze your needs and risk exposure and they can set up a policy that truly meets your needs.