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Stallion Permanent Disability

Stallion availability insurance provides coverage on the stallion so that in the event he is unable to cover the mare the required number of times to fulfill the barrenness insurance requirements for any reason whatsoever,...

Prospective Foal Coverage

 In Utero, or Prospective Foal Insurance can be effected independent of Barrenness coverage, and attaches once the mare has been declared 42 days in foal or more. This coverage can be effected not only during...

Equine Mortality

The most common insurance policy written for horses is an all risk mortality policy. This type of policy provides coverage on the animal for death due to any cause, and generally includes coverage for theft...

Barrenness Coverage

Equine Insurance Barrenness Coverage The mare can be insured against barrenness, which insures that provided the mare is covered by the stallion a minimum of two times during two separate oestral periods she will get...

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