The impact of reaching your goals

Insurance Insights | June 29, 2018

The impact of reaching your goals


People often discuss the downsides of not reaching their goals, ambitions and aspirations. But if this isn’t working for you, we would like to humbly suggest reframing the situation.

You may find it productive to imagine the impact of reaching your goals.

Let’s do a thought experiment. First, become present to your dreams and aspirations. Got the image in your head? That will be your reality if you reach your goals.

Next, let your imagination run wild. Imagine creating a reality from are currently just daydreams. What are the possibilities in terms of your health, wealth and wellbeing? You get everything you need and want if you meet your goals.

Take peace of mind, for instance. That includes relatively mundane things like being able to make all your payments on time and getting all the toys you want. More fundamentally, it’s creating breathing room to save for a solid retirement and leave a legacy. And all that comes from just doing what you need to do day in and day out.

But beware: you’re leaving your comfort zone as you confront the things from which you usually retreat. But don’t be afraid. Be bold in confronting your fears.

People often just dip a toe into these waters. Some of the reluctance comes from the thought deep down inside that we are not living up to our expectations. To comfort ourselves, we “reassure” ourselves that we will achieve these dreams “someday” in the future. But “someday” never comes.

In order to turn possibilities into reality, we must treat these possibilities in concrete terms. They can’t be vague “that would be nices” floating around. Get serious about creating a life you love.

Are you living a life you love?