Advice for New Drivers

Insurance Insights | June 17, 2021

Advice for New Drivers

Getting your license is an exciting time for new drivers. This offers them independence and the ability to go where they want without having to bother their parents or friends for a ride. If you have a new driver in your friend circle or family, help them safely become an experienced driver. Share the following tips with them and follow the guide yourself. Drive safe and best wishes. It’s one thing to pass all your driving tests and get your license. But learning doesn’t end there. Becoming a safe and experienced driver takes years of practice. There’s no way to speed up this process, but here are some tips on how to get there.

How to Be a Safe Driver

1. Buckle up. It seems obvious, but it’s also easy to neglect. Even if you’re driving 30 feet from your building entrance to the underground garage to park, just put on your seat belt. Even low-speed crashes can cause injury.

2. Warning lights. Learn what each one indicates. Some of them come on when there’s something seriously wrong with your vehicle. Ignoring warning lights could create safety risks for you and other drivers. Failing to address the problems could also void your vehicle’s warranty.

3. Don’t bring your friends until you’ve learned to drive well. They can be distracting and some drivers feel the need to show off in front of friends by driving fast.

4. Be proactive. Learn how to perform basic maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. Familiarize yourself with your vehicle and its components. Know who to call if a given repair goes beyond your competence.

5. Avoid distractions. Store your mobile device somewhere you can’t access it. Not only do you risk a fine if caught using your phone while driving, but you also endanger other drivers (and put your own life at risk).

6. Plan for contingencies, including crashes and extreme weather. Pack a first aid kit and some spare supplies. Finally, get the right auto insurance that works best for you.

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