When extreme weather damages your car and home at the same time

Insurance Insights | July 25, 2018

When extreme weather damages your car and home at the same time

Home ownership is joyous and stressful at the same time. Observing our customers’ challenges and as homeowners ourselves, we have seen some complex situations.

One situation that caught our eye in particular was Natasha’s home. Natasha had experienced damage to her house during the large windstorm that ripped through southern Ontario in May.

The whirling winds ripped shingles from her roof and flung them at her car, causing damage to the windshield. On top of that, Natasha was preparing for surgery at the time. In other words, she had a lot on her plate. It was not obvious how she would address the damage.

Would she need to call upon her home or auto policy?

Natasha contacted us to get clarity on the issue. Because her home and auto policies are conveniently placed with the same insurer, she has greater flexibility in dealing with the claim.

For instance, she has to pay the deductible only on one of the policies. When damage arises from the same cause, some insurance companies will waive the deductible on one of the policies.

We facilitated the payments and repairs for Natasha, helping her create the time and mental energy to successfully attend to her surgery.

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