What is Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration and who needs it?

Insurance Insights | November 19, 2014

What is Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration and who needs it?

In Ontario, it is mandatory that all businesses, organizations and people operating heavy commercial vehicles (having a total weight of more than 4500kg or a bus carrying ten or more passengers) register as commercial vehicle operator.  This system identifies the monitoring of on road performance for commercial vehicle operators.

The goal of the CVOR System is to

·         Improve Safety for all users of Ontario Highways

·         Promote dependable and competitive transportation of goods and people

·         Develop procedures on compliance strategies with an emphasis on safety and protection of the highway infrastructure.

The CVOR System monitors accidents, convictions and commercial inspections.Points are assigned for any infractions and The Ministry of Transportation intervenes as soon as a carrier approaches too many transgressions. Intervention for these infractions range from warning letters, required reviews and audits and the suspension or cancellation of a license! The Ministry iscertainly very strict with provided these registrations and works hard to ensure all those registered deserve it.

A client came to us a few years ago that had previously worked for a private coach bus operator; this operator had a high number of infractions and they had been reviewed and audited a few times during his tenure with the company. He left the company and shortly thereafter, he applied for another job and for a new CVOR certificate. The Ministry initially refused to issue him a CVOR certificate as the original carrier he was with had an unacceptable record. We advised this client in who to speak with at the Ministry of Transportation and what to discuss with them, and they proceeded to clear up any confusion and get him his necessary certification.

Like a license, a CVOR is a legal document must be surrendered if requested by the police or the Ministry. Have you reviewed all necessary documents and certifications for your particular job or business?