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Cyber risk is the new fire

Everyone and everything is getting hacked these days to the point where we refer to cyber risk as to the “new fire.” These days, we don’t have to look far to find hacking and cyber...

The internet can make or break your small business.

We live in an era when social media and online chatter can make or break a business. The potential for both growth and downfall are equally awe-inspiring. Business owners must be present to the risks...

Be in the know: cyber risk and online security

To say that cyber risks and hacking have become a big deal is not saying much at all. Risks from hacks and computer breaches are all over the news. We are glad to see this...

Liability insurance for software programmers

John is a software programmer. Two months ago, he started a business focusing on data security and networks. Because he handles sensitive customer data, privacy and security are extremely important in his line of work. (more…)

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